AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. (ALLHC) strengthens its foothold in Central Luzon with Pampanga Technopark, envisioned to be a new growth center in the region. The 270-hectare development is the first master-planned agro-industrial township in this region. The development will be home to manufacturing and logistics locators, a bagsakan or agricultural wholesale market, and commercial-retail spaces for the township’s social and recreational activities.


A mixed-use development: Industrial, commercial, and retail spaces offered

With 270 hectares of gross land area, Pampanga Technopark will serve as a mixed-use development. Currently, phases 1 and 2 are registered with the Board of Investments (BOI) as Domestic Industrial Zones, with phase 3 lined up next.


With shopping, dining, and recreational spaces soon to rise in Pampanga Technopark, the development is designed to bring lifestyle experiences to the communities working and residing within or around the area. Pampanga Technopark is allotting 2,000 sqm of gross leasable area across over 30 retail spaces featuring homegrown Kapampangan restaurants, plus several retail and service merchants. On top of this, lots are also available for commercial uses such as shops and outlets, medical centers, offices, co-working spaces, business hotels, and more. There will also be a variety of quick service restaurants and a gas station for motorists.


Moreover, Pampanga Technopark will be a new location of a bagsakan (agricultural wholesale market) which will be complemented by ALLHC’s ALogis and ALogis Artico facilities, all slated for completion within the first half of 2024. The ALogis ready-built facilities will span 8,000 sqm of warehouse space, while ALogis Artico cold storage will feature 5,000 pallet positions with temperature ranging from 10°C to -20°C. The bagsakan will cover 3,000 sqm of space, offering both wholesale and retail of agricultural produce and local products within the marketplace. All components will support the agriculture supply value chain in Luzon.


High accessibility and convenience

Located in Mabalacat City, one of the biggest transportation hubs in Central Luzon, Pampanga Technopark will be accessible through various major road networks including the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), and MacArthur Highway. Additionally, the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) project will soon connect the existing Tutuban (Manila) Station to Clark, thereby contributing to the city’s economic progress.


Pampanga Technopark is poised to serve as a gateway to the international markets. Strategically located near major infrastructures, it is approximately 30 minutes away from Clark International Airport and an hour away from Subic Bay International Terminal. The upcoming New Manila International Airport will be roughly an hour away from the development.


A sustainable development

For many years, ALLHC has been a trusted industrial real estate company for creating sustainable environments that support businesses. The soon-to-rise Pampanga Technopark bears with it the promise of connecting commerce and communities.


As a dynamic center for business and leisure activity, Pampanga Technopark ensures pedestrian mobility and transit connectivity with allocated sidewalks throughout the township and an easily-accessible public transport terminal serving both in-city and regional transit routes. Helping improve the property’s resilience to environmental stress and geohazards are native trees to be used for landscaping, five detention ponds serving as spaces for rainwater absorption, and green and open spaces including a dedicated 1.2-hectare park area.


Promoting countryside development

ALLHC aims to build its national footprint by being in 10 key areas by 2025, creating a network of industrial and logistics developments by following the key road infrastructure and the nautical highway. Pampanga Technopark is the next up and coming project that will realize this aspiration. Aligned with the administration’s push for industrialization and job creation, it is foreseen to boost productivity in the region and generate more opportunities for local workers and citizens.


“We will introduce a modern food terminal and this will be supported by our cold storage and dry warehouse facilities. Farmers from Northern Luzon and all over Central Luzon can bring their produce here, and we can preserve and store them with the proper facilities. We hope this would help all the farmers and our supply chain,” shared ALLHC President and CEO Mr. Jose Emmanuel H. Jalandoni. He added, “What is happening here in Pampanga Technopark is a new township. Industrial park, agro hub, commercial, retail – beneficial to all Pampangueños. Through Pampanga Technopark, we are committed to work together to create employment opportunities for all Filipinos.”


Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo C. Garbo supported the sentiment noting, “We are pleased that this project is unique because you included cold and dry storage for our farmers because food sustainability is really needed. We see that with an investment of this size that the people of Mabalacat will really benefit from this, and now that we are doing this, we are also preparing the people of Mabalacat for your employment needs.” He further commented, “The government and the investors need proper collaboration. In our city, I assure you that we will not neglect you, but we will help you. Rest assured that the local government unit of Mabalacat City is with you all the way.”


BOI Executive Director for Investment Promotion Services Ms. Evariste M. Cagatan stated, “ALLHC has been a steadfast partner of the BOI in providing location options for potential investors, and our partnership has been proven effective in matching investment-ready locations to our local and foreign investors. We are very excited with this project as it shows support in the government’s proactive stance to promote economic activities outside of Metro Manila. There has never been a better place and a better time to make it happen in the Philippines, and this time, we will make it happen right here in Pampanga.”