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Working on a platform of transparency, we aim to provide stakeholders and the general public with timely, accurate and relevant information that will allow them to build a clear and sufficient picture of our businesses and prospects through the financial reports and disclosures posted in our website.

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29 Nov 2022 | 3:00 pm

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2021 Performance Highlights

“The year 2021 was a period of resetting our business plans while keeping focus on our goals. It was a significant year for AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. despite the ongoing crisis. Hurdling two strict lockdowns last year, ALLHC remained committed to supporting the country’s economic recovery and growth.”

– ALLHC Chairman Mr. Jose Emmanuel H. Jalandoni and ALLHC President & CEO Ms. Maria Rowena M. Tomeldan

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We engage in direct communication with the investing public through ALLHC’s Investor Relations unit, which reports to the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). To establish open and transparent exchange of information, the department handles information requests and requirements which are fully disclosed to securities regulators on time.

In addition to ALLHC’s Annual Stockholders Meeting, the Investor Relations unit communicates with institutional and retail investors and analysts through one-on-one meetings, written communications such as email, and telephone or video conference calls. Discussions may revolve on analysis of our financial and operational results, business developments and updates, growth strategies, competitive landscape and market outlooks. ALLHC also welcomes analysts and investors to scheduled site visits and tours of its developments.

We sustain convenient and accessible line of communication and information through our company website which is regularly updated. Disclosures such as financial results, material disclosures and other relevant information are made available online to provide easy access to the investing community. These public disclosures are also in compliance with the requisites of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Among these, ALLHC also issues corporate announcements and press releases to the media where appropriate.

Stakeholders may explore our Investor Relations and Corporate Governance pages to learn more about ALLHC’s corporate culture and governance practices. Likewise, we encourage regular dialogues between ALLHC and our shareholders. Contact information of the Investor Relations Department is at the bottom of this page and in the Contact Us page.

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Company Disclosures

In ALLHC, we strive for transparent and timely disclosure of material information concerning our business and accessibility for all of our stakeholders.

Find more company reports, disclosures, stock information, and other filings here.

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ALLHC Acts for the Future

The country’s leading industrial park and real estate logistics operator, AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. (ALLHC) steps forward, responsibly taking proactive measures in …

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ALLHC 9-month net income rises 41% to P565M

AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. (ALLHC) posted strong performance for the first nine months of 2022. Consolidated net income for the period amounted to P565 million, 41% higher year-on-year.

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AyalaLand Logistics Holdings and FLOW Digital Infrastructure partner for data center development in the Philippines

Pursuant to the framework agreement signed last May 6, 2022 to develop and operate carrier-neutral data centers across the Philippines, ALLHC and FLOW Digital Infrastructure entered into agreements to commence the activities of the intended joint venture partnership.

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Investor FAQs

Got a question? View the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our investors and the corresponding answers for each.

Should you need more assistance, you may reach out to the shareholder contacts listed below.

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