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AYALA LAND, Inc. (ALI) is supporting local governments’ vaccine rollout, with some of its biggest developments serving as vaccination centers.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod and Circuit Makati, are being used as vaccination centers by the Parañaque and Makati governments.

South Park Center, operated by Ayala Land Logistics Holdings Corp., has been identified as a major site for the Muntinlupa’s Pfizer vaccine roll-out.

These efforts are part of Alagang Ayala Land, a broad community engagement program to support COVID-19 response efforts; promote disaster preparedness; and create livelihood through social enterprises. All Ayala Malls nationwide are designated Alagang Ayala Land Centers.

“The ability of our economy to recover fast from the impact of the pandemic will depend on the speed of the roll-out of the vaccines in our communities, and we hope to help out by utilizing our spaces to promote crisis response and recovery initiatives. With our Alagang Ayala Land program, our efforts are going to be more deliberate and focused in terms of addressing the critical needs of the community,” said Bobby O. Dy, ALI president and CEO.