From Daily Tribune


Ayala Land joins other corporations in shifting to renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Ayala Land Logistics Holdings Corporation (ALLHC), the conglomerate’s logistics company, announced that renewable energy sources are now running their cold storage facilities.


Starting in late April, ALLHC’s ALogis Artico Biñan 2 in Laguna transitioned to renewable energy sources. This is in line with the company’s commitment to lessen its carbon footprint and Green Energy Option Program.


The shift to renewable energy is now effective in two out of three ALLHC cold storage facilities.


ALLHC assured that the shift to renewable energy will not affect the efficiency of the cold storage facilities.


Ayala Land hopes the big move will inspire other conglomerates to shift to renewable energy to lessen the country’s worsening pollution situation.


The company has 26 cold storage rooms in Biñan, Laguna: 17 in Biñan 1 and 9 in Biñan 2. Biñan 1 can hold 25 tonnes of materials in its cold storage, with the temperature being adjusted from 0 to 25°C.


The United Nations reported that some examples of renewable energy sources include solar energy from the sun, wind energy, geothermal energy from the earth’s interior, ocean energy, and bioenergy from different organic materials. — Aljon Eguia